Justice Served: Hit-and-run Incident Resolved by Dash Cam Footage #CaughtOnBlackVue

Hit-and-run accidents can be a nightmare for any driver. Often, the guilty party disappears without leaving any contact information, leaving the victim to deal with the aftermath and expenses. Having a dash cam can be a game-changer in such situation. Today, we share the story how BlackVue user Josh’s dash cam footage, combined with his determination and quick thinking, helped him with a hit-and-run he was unfortunately involved in.

Dark cover on the plate

One day, as Josh was driving on the highway, another car attempted to pass him on the left shoulder but ended up colliding with Josh’s vehicle. Without hesitation, the other driver fled the scene, leaving Josh in disbelief and with potential vehicle damage. He noticed that the license plate was covered, making it difficult to read from the dash cam footage alone. Knowing the importance of obtaining the fleeing car’s license plate number, he sprang into action. He decided to follow the car, reading the license plate number aloud in the process.

His quick thinking paid off as the BlackVue dash cam picked up both the footage and the sound of him narrating the license plate number clearly. With the license plate number securely recorded by his BlackVue 4K UHD dash cam, Josh immediately contacted his insurance company. He provided them with the video footage.

Justice served

Josh’s insurance company was able to trace the owner of the fleeing vehicle and make contact with their insurance provider. The video evidence was undeniable, leaving no room for dispute. The hit-and-run driver’s insurance accepted full responsibility for the accident, and Josh’s car was repaired without delay. In addition to helping Josh with his insurance claim, the BlackVue 4K UHD dash cam’s video and audio evidence were handed over to the authorities assist in identifying and penalizing the hit-and-run perpetrator. Hit-and-run incidents carry significant penalties, and the detailed dash cam footage could play a pivotal role in bringing the offender to justice.

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