BlackVue Accessories

Take your dashcam experience to the next level with BlackVue dedicated accessories, including:

  • Parking Mode batteries / kits
  • LTE Connectivity modules
  • MicroSD cards / readers
  • Tamper-proof cases
  • Power / video cables
  • Spare stickers, mounts
  • Rear cameras and more!

Parking Mode Batteries

Power your BlackVue in Parking Mode without affecting your car’s battery, with:

  • Power Magic Battery Pack (B-112): simple compact plug & play battery. 
  • Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-130X): fast-charging high capacity battery.

Connectivity Module

Provide reliable LTE connectivity to your DR970X and DR770X Series dashcam.

  • NanoSIM card reader (SIM not included)
  • Easy install: plugs into the dashcam’s micro USB port.
  • Powered by the dashcam: no extra wiring needed.

MicroSD Card

BlackVue dashcams save video files to a microSD card (up to 256GB). Not all microSD cards are made equal, however.
BlackVue microSD cards are sourced from the most reliable manufacturers and tested extensively for dashcam use.

Tamper-Proof Case

Prevent unwanted access to the microSD card and the power and video cables.

  • Blocks physical access to the microSD card.
  • Prevents unplugging power and video cables.
  • Limits the angle of rotation of the dashcam.

CPL Filter

Get the best image in daylight on your DR970X/DR770X dashcam with this polarizer.

  • Minimizes glare and reflections.
  • Improves overall clarity in daylight.
  • Tune the effect’s intensity with adjustable ring.

Other accessories

BlackVue provides a whole range of accessories for your dashcam: 

  • Power and video cables.
  • Home power adapters.
  • Spare stickers and cable clips.
  • Extra mounts.
  • Rear cameras.